Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twilight's Last Gleaming by Laurie L.C. Lewis

Twilight's Last Gleaming (Free Men and Dreamers, #2)

Goodreads Description:  While cannons roar and rockets ignite American skies, disease ravages the upper Connecticut Valley. Few notice the sufferings of the families . . . Of a single child . . . A remarkable lad named Joseph. Attentions are forced elsewhere on the Chesapeake, which guards the entrance to the infant nation's threatened capital. It is the height of the War of 1812. As the beleaguered American forces begin to rally, Britain's military is divided between battlefronts on two continents. Until Napoleaon can be toppled and all of the crow's resources can be diverted to the American campaign, Britain needs a tactical diversion. They attack the Chesapeake Bay! Lieutenant Jed Pearson heads to war, leaving his beloved Willows estate in the care of powerless freed slaves. But soon circumstances will blur the line between adversary and friend, family and foe, British and American. In this second volume of the epic historical series Free Men and Dreamers, witness the saga of five families caught in the tumult of the oft-forgotten war that cemented American Liberty and set the stage for the great work of the Restoration.

My Thoughts:  What a great 2nd book of an amazing series!  Most of the books that I have been reading this year have been YA paranormal/fantasy/dystopian, so this series is definitely out of my preferred genre comfort zone.  Having said that, I love these books!

The characters in these books are so well-thought out and wonderful (hello Jed and Hannah!) that you just get caught up in their story and sometimes forget that the things that they are going through are actual events in our country's history.

I just can't imagine what it would have been like, living back in the infancy of this great nation, but Laurie's writing really makes it come alive.  Would I have had the courage to deal with the slave issue, just as Jed did?

These books have been so well-researched and thought out!  Thank you Laurie, for bringing this pivotal time in our nation's history alive!  I love this quote that is on the back of a postcard that came with this book, "The Founding Fathers' vision of "One Nation Under God" was not left to chance.  But what if yours was the generation tasked with forging that nation?  And forced to defend her once again..."

Laurie was in town a couple of weeks ago, at our local Deseret Bookstore.  I had to stop by and meet her!  I bought this book there and had her sign it for me.  It was nice to have a few minutes to be able to chat with her.  What a neat lady, and what wonderful books!  Thanks again, Laurie!

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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely review, Lori. I love this volume. I'll always remember the day my husband and I searched the Hampton, Virgina area, old map and historians' notes in hand, searching for the spot where the British and French troops landed. Still gives me chills. Thanks again for coming out to visit at Deseret. Chatting together was an absolute delight. Wishing you a very, very merry Christmas! Laurie