Monday, February 14, 2011

Giving it a Whirl!!

Ok, my first book review.  Had a house full of sickies over the weekend, so I got some good reading done!

This first book is an e-book that I downloaded onto my Nook.  It was one of Barnes & Noble's Free Friday selections.  (So far the free ones have been pretty good!)

Stuck in the Middle (Sister to Sister, #1)

Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith.  This is taken from the first few paragraphs:

Brrring. Brrring.

From the desk behind the sales counter in the reat of the showroom, Joan Sanderson scanned the empty store.  Fluorescent ceiling lights cast a harsh glow that reflected off the polished wooden surfaces of the furniture artfully arranged for display.  Where was...  oh yes, Rosa would be a couple of hours late this morning, after her daughter's doctor appointment.  She reached for the phone and punched the button for the first line.  "Good morning, Abernathy Sales and Rental!"

"I'm going to kill her."

Joan closed her eyes.  Patience.  I need patience.  "Hi, Mom.  What has Gram done?"

"She alphabetized my underwear drawer."

So starts this light, cute romance!  Joan is in the middle of 3 girls.  She feels like an outsider through most of the story.  Both of her sisters are small, blond, and very outspoken and outgoing.  Total opposites from Joan.  A great story of family bonds, conflicts, and resolutions.  Some great things happen when a handsome, single doctor moves into the house next door.  Be ready for some surprising revelations, and have a fun journey with Joan as she discovers her worth and her faith.

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